• Track sun exposure

    Monitor your duration of exposure, UV intensity, and sun protection used

  • Know when to use sun protection

    Get personalized sun safety advice based on your skin type

  • Manage your vitamin D intake

    Find out how much you’ve produced from the sun, and how much you need from dietary sources.

  • Review your progress

    Track your long-term sun exposure and vitamin D history


Like wow, it tells you exactly how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned while taking account of the uvi at the time of day.

Great way to track UV exposure, especially in regions you haven't been before. I will definitely be using this during the summer to make sure I don't get too sunburned.

Accurate, easy reference for every day and situation.

How it works

1. Shake it!

Shake it to check the UV intensity. If you applied sunscreen, shake it again.

2. Clip it!

Clip it to your clothes or accessories.
Make sure it faces the sun.

3. Get notifications!

The device buzzes and the LEDs turn on when you need to seek sun protection.


WAREABLE, March 14, 2018

"The clip-on wareable makes sure you're getting enough sun, but not too much." 


    Notifications and alerts
    5 x LED: White, Cool 6020K
    Buzzer: 65dB @10cm

    Sensors and components
    UV sensor: Range 0 to 11+, UVA/UVB
    Temperature sensor: -40°F to +185°F (@77°F ±2°F)
    3-axis accelerometer: Ultra low power
    Internal Memory: Saves 45 days of detailed data

    Replaceable coin size (CR2032) Lasts around 6 weeks

    Syncs via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Trusted by 100,000+ users worldwide.

The 2nd generation Sun Index™ wearable based on the feedback of over 100K users. The Sun Index wearable is powered by built-in UVA & UVB sensors and smart alert technology, and also works as a stand-alone device.